Gene and Lynette Morris have always been advocates for health, but everything changed for them one day in 2011. Gene was in a severe accident that required his mouth to be wired shut for several months, followed by multiple extensive surgeries over the next 14 months to his mouth and jaw. After realizing there are only so many foods you want to eat through a straw, Gene and Lynette began formulating a shake that would provide necessary daily nutrition while also tasting good. After a successful recovery, Gene continued to formulate this shake for their family and it was soon dubbed the “Gene Shake” by all that visited their home.

Fast forward to 2017 when Gene undertook an extraordinary challenge: a bicycle trip across America, from coast to coast. This adventure coincided with a fundraiser for the local high school, initiated by Principal Jody Rich to inspire students that “You Can Do Hard Things”. The goal was audacious: to bike from the West Coast to the East Coast, covering 3200 miles in 32 days. They rode six days a week averaging over 110 miles a day and utilized Sunday as a day of rest.

Before leaving, Gene and Lynette gathered together all the ingredients needed to make several shakes a day for the entirety of the trip for both him and his riding partner. The challenge began with a symbolic dip of their bike tires in the Pacific Ocean on the beaches of Tillamook, Oregon, and with that, they were off, riding the roads across America. His riding partner had previously done a similar trip and soon realized he felt drastically better on this ride because he was fueled by his “Gene Shake”. This formula not only sustained them throughout their trip but also became a cornerstone of their daily nutrition.

Upon completing their journey with a final tire dip in the Atlantic Ocean in New York, Gene and Lynette, alongside Jody and Mandy Rich, knew they had embarked on more than just a physical journey. The experience was transformative, affirming their belief in accomplishing hard things and underscoring the importance of proper nutrition

After they returned home, Jody’s first question to Gene was, “How can I get this shake at my house every morning to fuel my day?” That sparked an idea. Gene & Lynette then dedicated themselves to refining their meal shake formula, aiming for optimal nutrition and taste suitable for mass production. This endeavor became the Trofi Life brand, a synthesis of their health and fitness philosophy.

Today, Trofi Life offers top-quality, straightforward health, nutrition, and fitness information, striving to redefine the true essence of health. Their products and insights are a testament to their journey and the hard-earned wisdom that came with it. Whether it’s biking across the country or facing life’s daily challenges, the Morrises, along with Principal Rich, agree: if they were to embark on such an adventure again, the Trofi Life Shakes would be an indispensable part of their journey. 

Ready to Feel Better – Then start Fueling Better. Welcome to the Trofi Life, where enduring hard things and thriving in them is the core philosophy.


Provide real food with real results. Provide Organic nutrition, like your grandma used to do. Create a sustainable way of fueling your body with high-quality organic nutrition.


No matter your preferences, we have the flavor for you. Choose from our three delicious options: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.


Just like Mother Nature makes it.
Whole foods provide the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals our bodies require to function optimally.

Exercise for a better life, not for Instagram.
At its core, functional fitness emphasizes building strength, mobility, and endurance that directly translates to your daily life.

It’s more than muscles and waistlines.
Holistic health is a journey toward achieving balance and harmony in all areas of your existence.

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